Plastic Band Size Chart


If anyone is banding any species that are not listed here, please e-mail the NFSS Bands Director at with the name of the species and the size of the band being used, so we can add it to the chart below.

You can use these bands at fledge, we recommend only one band per leg. Avoid placing 2 bands on the same leg.

Size XF (2.3 mm) – Cordon blue, Fire finch, Lavender finch, Owl finch, Blue capped waxbill, Cherry finch, Green & Grey Singers, Painted finch, Shaftails, Masked Grassfinch, Gouldian finch, most Parrot finches, Zebra finch, Lemon Breasted Canary

Size XCS (2.8 mm) – Nuns, Diamond Firetails (Diamond Sparrows), most Twinspots, Siskins, Euro Society, English Zebra, (Canary type – Gloster, Fifi, Miniature & Fancy)

Size XCL (3.1 mm) – Red-Faced Pytilia, Pekin Robin, (Canaries – Roller, Borders, Lizard, Norwich, Yorkshire, Red Factor)

Size XB (4.0 mm) – Indian Shama, Diamond Dove, Chinese Painted (Button) Quail, Budgies, Grass Parakeets

Size X3 – Lovebirds, Rosellas, many softbills